Mark 2 Ministries is rooted in relationships; relationships with Jesus Christ, and relationships with our friends who have disabilities.

Steve and Debbie Boles didn’t start out to establish an organization.  They simply desired to model what they found in Mark 2:1-5; introducing their friends with disabilities to Jesus Christ.  As time went on, they introduced others to the biblical mandate for this “relationship based disability ministry.”

Seeing the need for an organized effort to reach even more people with disabilities with the gospel, and at the encouragement of several church leaders in the Indianapolis area, Mark 2 Ministries incorporated in 1986.   Growth continued.  They soon began to add board members, full time staff, and dedicated volunteers – all focused on bringing their friends with disabilities to faith in Jesus Christ.

Thanks to the sacrificial giving of dozens of churches and individuals throughout the state; Mark 2 Ministries continued to grow in influence and fruit.  HUNDREDS of individuals with disabilities (and their family members) came to faith in Christ, and were integrated into local churches.

However, there was still much to be done.  With an extraordinary financial gift from College Park Church in Indianapolis, Mark 2 Ministries was challenged to expand its outreach in other countries.  With the hiring of Edgar Duran in El Salvador in 1999, and the encouragement of its board of directors, Mark 2 Ministries’ emphasis began to shift from “doing disability ministry” to “training churches to do disability ministry.”  The vision had not changed; it was greatly expanded!

That shift in focus has led to God blessed results; literally THOUSANDS of folks with disabilities (and their families) coming into relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, Mark 2 Ministries is present in several countries throughout the world, with a staff committed to training churches in both the “why” and “how” of disability ministry.

In 2011, after 25 years of leading Mark 2 Ministries, Steve and Debbie stepped aside – passing the mantle to Aaron Scheffler.  His love for Jesus Christ, and those with disabilities, will certainly underpin the history that is about to be written.

To God be the glory!

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